2022 New Collection, 'Catalina'

2022 New Collection, Catalina OPEN !

'New Line 'Catalina' 
Edit & Styling @rori0402
Director @hyehyeyun
Product by @crowcanyon_co_kr


Proudly introduce our 2022 new collection, 'Catalina'


Introducing four new marble pattern with a soft cream color base.
Mint Hibiscus is a blend of gray, mint, and pink marble.
It is a simple but distinctive color that stands out.

Blue Tide featuring gray and turkish marble is a navy color preferred by both men and women, young and old.

Pink Sunset is a marble of gray, pink, and yellow.
It is a color that adds a lovely feeling.

Last but not least, as the name suggests, Bermuda Buttercup is It is characterized by a lively color scheme.

Catalina, the upgraded glaze coating and smooth finish
This line possess both weight and design.

Make your table more lively with with the new collection Catalina.