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We introduce products that can convey valuable
stories of everyday life, products that enrich life.

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We strive to help more people
pursue better products and lifestyles
with sustainable and long-lasting products.

# Fast speed and concentration

Scope Company carries out various B2B and B2C business with various brands, cooperating with over 70 domestic partners.

For our partners and stakeholders, we take responsibility for our work very seriously.

#Constructive criticism

We strive to find answers with constructive criticism based on

#Trust and Expansion

Scope Company has deep trust in our partners and the people we work with.


Scope Company does what is in the best interest of the entire organization. We strive to grow as a global brand.

Crowcanyon Home

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Classic American Enamel Wear, Crow Canyon

Crow Canyon Home is a San Francisco-based enamel brand from 1977, making high-quality enamel products that has classic design and durability.

​​We are concerned about the use of fragile materials such as glass and plastics, that are bad for the environment, so we manufacture products that can be used for a long time, are clean, and have a wonderful design.

With a classic material called enamel, we are developing products in various lines such as
marble, classic, stinson, and Catalina.

Xenia Taler

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Modern and sophisticated Canadian Bambooware, Xenia Taylor

Xenia Taylor is a Canadian-based studio brand, offering new lifestyle products every season, inspired by the beauty of the vast wilderness.

We produce products with natural raw materials such as organic bamboo and GMO-free corn starch as main ingredients.


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Portuguese melamine brand, Faplana

Hwaplana is a Portuguese melamine brand. Since 1950, it has been loved in Europe, the United States, and Japan for its classic and sophisticated design.

Faplana produces and introduces a variety of products from tableware to living products, using plastic and melamine as main materials.

Heim Sohne

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German plexiglass brand, Heim Sohne

Heim sohne is a German plexiglass brand. It started as a comb manufacturing plant in 1862 and is now introducing a variety of products made of plexiglass.

While continuing the family business of processing tortoise shells, it became aware of animal protection and started manufacturing plexiglass products, which they developed to substitute tortoise shells.

Heim Sohne is introducing a variety of products in various colors and designs.


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Thermoplastic waste recycling brand, Ecopixel


Starting from the idea of ​​never mixing plastics and wastes, Ecopixel is developing various products such as stools and tableware. Most of our products are made to be reused again after their lifecycle.

Que bottle

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California Athleisure Bottle Brand, Q Bottle

Q Bottle is the most sought-after original collapsible eco-friendly tumbler brand in the world.

The patented spiral design compresses the bottle to take up less space, making it easy to carry and reduces carbon emissions.


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A brand that cares about the environment and people, f.e.t.e.

fete is UK's eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush brand, looking for different ways to contribute to a sustainable future for the planet.

fete produces eco-friendly products. The toothbrush are biodegradable, made from bamboo and can be used as compost after use. Bamboo, the main raw material is effective in preventing mold and sterilization.

The colorful brush heads are painted with natural resin paint, which is a vegan friendly option.

fete not only cares about oral health but also cares about the environment in which we and our children will continue to live in.


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To be kind to the planet, Kind bag

Kind Bag is a London-based reusable bag brand launched in 2019, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

All products are made using plastic bottles that have been landfilled or thrown into the sea, and the inks used to print are made with OEKO-TEX's sustainable and harmless inks.

Kindbag finds various ways to contribute to the world and supports customers' eco-friendly life without sacrificing style.